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What You Need to Know About Your Transmission

The purpose of your transmission is to make sure the right amount of power is dispersed to your wheels by shifting gears. Your Nissan or used vehicle could have a manual transmission or automatic trans mission. On a manual transmission, the driver shifts gears with a clutch. An automatic transmission does everything for the driver. Your transmission is a vital part of your vehicle. How do you know when you need to have it serviced? Let the experts at Nissan of Lawton’s service department help you.

You Notice a Fluid Leak

Noticing a small amount of fluid underneath your car could be a sign that your transmission needs servicing soon. Transmission fluid is a bright red color and usually smells sweet. The transmission does not burn fluid up during use, so if you notice your fluid is low, this could be another sign of a leak. Unfortunately, a transmission fluid leak can cause serious and expensive damage. Schedule service as soon as possible.

Your Dashboard Warning Light Illuminates

Cars are designed to warn you of any issues with warning lights. Take the lights seriously. If you notice your warning light illuminated, call the experts at Nissan of Lawton at 800-375-2244. Be sure you are familiar with the warning lights on your vehicle. If you’re ever unsure what they mean, come ask the experts as soon as possible.

You Notice New, Unusual Sounds and Motions

If you begin hearing a grinding noise or feel grinding with your manual transmission, it’s time for service. With an automatic transmission, you might feel the car shake when it switches gears and hear a buzzing sound. If you notice your car is hesitating before shifting, you’ll also want to schedule transmission service. We’ll help you here at Nissan of Lawton in Lawton.

At Nissan of Lawton, we offer convenient hours and expertly trained technicians to help diagnose and correct your transmission problem. Don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle in to our service center if you notice any of the above symptoms or others. Delaying service could lead to expensive repairs. Call 800-375-2244 or schedule your service online